Elisabeth 21 Belgium.

One may tolerate the world of demons for the sake of an angel.

Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley react to Rita Skeeter’s article concerning their shenanigans, with Luke Newberry as Teddy and Elle Fanning as Victoire.

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We’re watching The Lazarus Experiment right now on bbcamerica as part of Doctor Who Takeover Week. Come watch with us!

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When we met your sister, she promised she would show you to us. Every day we would ask. Every day she would say, “Soon.” Then she and your brother took us to your nursery and…she unveiled the freak. Your head was a bit large. Your arms and legs were a bit small, but no claw. No red eye. No tail between your legs. Just a tiny pink cock. We didn’t try to hide our disappointment.

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

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The Golden Trio

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Book Quotes

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Ha! Matchstick man.
↳ { things to affectionately call the Tenth Doctor }

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Marauders Appreciation Week [5/7] - One Rivalry

The three Black daughters were inseparable as children, but the Wizarding War broke families apart without discrimination. Andromeda’s marriage to a Muggleborn cracked deep fractures in their sisterhood. Bellatrix, the eldest, went mad with the belief that pureblood supremacy must be imposed. Andromeda, the middle sister, tried to put as much distance as possible between herself and the bloodshed. All the while, Narcissa, the youngest, only wanted to keep her family together. As a trio, the Black sisters had intelligence, power, and cunning. Apart, the filthy war would ruin them all. 

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